Tegnies - Langerug pompstasie pypverandering

Tegnies - Langerug pompstasie - Pypverandering

Council meeting 27 November 2018 - postponed


Mayoral bursary fund applications open


Annexure A

Application form

Stand van BVM damme / Level of BVM dams

Soos op 16 & 22 Oktober 2018 / As at 16 & 22 October 2018.

Notice interruption of electrical supply - 17112018

Notice interruption of electrical supply - 17112018

Untraceable claimants

Media Release:

The Commission on Restitution of Land Rights is urgently looking for the following people in order to process their land claims.

Kennisgewing: Elektrisiteitsmeters / Notice: Electricity meters


Brandgevaar / Fire danger

Boodskap / Message


Vanaf 1 Oktober 2018 is die hele BVM-area op vlak 1 besparings.

As from 1 October 2018, the whole of the BVM area will be on level 1 water saving.

BVM Bankbesonderhede / Banking details


Uploading your own water & electricity readings?

Important info / Belangrike inligting

Contact numbers
BVM Connect 2018

Breede Valley Municipality is committed  to and embraces the Batho Pele principles and subscribes to the following values:

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