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UPDATE: Problems with prepaid electricity since 1 November 2021?

November 2, 2021

UPDATE – 27 November 2021:

ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, and Old Mutual Bank is geared and ready to assist with the online purchasing of Prepaid Electricity. The new Service provider is still in a testing phase with other banks. Feedback and updates will be given as soon as testing is completed. Please also note that testing has commenced for PrePaid24 and an update in this regard will also be given in due course.



(2 November 2021, 10:00)

Dear prepaid clients, residents and prepaid vendors,

As previously communicated, Breede Valley Municipality (BVM) is now making use of a new electrical prepayment meter vending system.

The new system was implemented from midnight on 1 November 2021. Vending was enabled at 00:15 the same morning, with the first token being accepted by the testing meter at around 02:00.

Ontec, the new service provider, was first notified around 10:15, that a consumer’s meter was rejecting a credit token after an FBE (Free Basic Electricity) token had been entered into a meter. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the credit token, as well as the FBE token had the same token identifier (TID).

In order to resolve this issue, Ontec had to deploy a fix for the issue which took place at 14:30 on Monday, 1 November. Thereafter, they could confirm that after generating a credit and FBE token, the TID was unique for both.

As a response to the number of tokens being rejected, Ontec and BVM were made aware that certain vendors had stopped selling electricity to avoid further issues. Vending seemed to have stabilised after 15:00 on the same day.

A few teething issues were experienced, and we are aware that some residents are still experiencing issues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Please see the FAQ guide below to assist with any issues.

Why did BVM change service providers?

In line with the Municipal Management Act with regards to service provider procurement and the supply chain process, BVM must evaluate services such as this to best fit the need of the municipality pertaining to costs and services. As part of a thorough tender process, the new service provider was then appointed and a process was put in place to effect the necessary changes.

Why is it that the changes were implemented on the 1st of the month?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to switch from service providers midmonth or any other date than the 1st. We know that this is a trying time due to the public holiday and being election day, but the previous service provider’s services could not be extended, and the new service provider was already appointed before the announcement of the public holiday. We know that many buy their prepaid electricity on the 1st of every month. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Where can I buy electricity?


At this stage, the online banking channels are not yet active. For the interim, it is advised that consumers make use of BVM Home as the online banking channel until confirmation is received that the banking systems are available. Consumers will be directed to a landing page when purchasing from BVM Home, where they will need to register their meter number in order to purchase electricity. The link to this system is:

Vendors, shops and physical sales:

Most shops and vendors should now be active. For a complete list of vendors and shops that sell prepaid electricity, visit:

What should I do if I am a vendor, and I am experiencing any issues selling prepaid electricity?

We are aware of vendors who were not able to sell electricity, either due to a lack of funds (credit) or because they have not been earmarked by an aggregator. We have urged vendors to get in touch with either Ontec, or their service provider to ensure that vending is streamlined. We have provided the email address as to where queries can be logged should they have an issue: Please submit all detail in order to enable vending services or for any other prepaid service-related queries.

What if I purchased prepaid electricity and the token is invalid when entered onto the meter? Or what if I should have received my free units (indigent) and it is not reflecting on a token or invalid when entered onto the meter?

The consumer is advised to register the complaint at the municipal Call Centre ( or at 0860 12 12 12). Hereafter the Electrical Services Department (ESD) will dispatch an electrician to the specific complainant to perform the necessary checks and restore the rejected token/s on the meter.

 What should I do if I purchased prepaid electricity via the online platform (BVM Home), but I am not receiving my tokens via SMS or on the system after I purchased it?

Ontec was also notified that some tokens generated via BVM Home were not being sent to consumers via SMS. We are in communication with the payment service provider in order to resolve this as a matter of urgency. If consumers have bought electricity via this platform, they are able to view their receipt with the token number in the My History tab on the website. Visit

What should I do if I bought prepaid electricity via the PrePaid24-system, but my token is invalid, or I am not receiving it via SMS?

Many customers buy prepaid electricity from PrePaid24. Unfortunately, at this stage the link between the new service provider and PrePaid24 must still be implemented. Many customers already purchased from this platform but received no tokens. We engaged with PrePaid24 and customers who bought on this platform should contact them and log a refund. Please do not buy any electricity from this platform for the interim. PrePaid24 can also not block customers from buying on this platform, but no new meter registrations will be permitted for now. You can contact them here/Log an issue/refund:


Any other queries or issues?

  • For vendors and vendor related issues:
  • For meter issues and any issues with online buying: 0860 12 12 12 or
  • If you are experiencing any issues with buying prepaid electricity, entering tokens into meters, or are unable to purchase from vendors, please follow this link and enter your details. We will attend to the request. Vendors can also log any issues experienced on this form. Please click here:


    Last modified: December 1, 2021