Gateway to the Breede Valley


November 6, 2023

On Friday, 3 November 2023, the Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, presented the municipality with 34 title deeds for the rental units in Roux Park. Among the signatories present were Executive Mayor Antoinette Steyn, MMC for Human Settlements Cllr. Palesa Ramokhabi, Municipal Manager David McThomas and Cllr. Esme van der Westhuizen.
As the new custodian of the properties, the municipality will oversee and provide all service delivery-related services to the community of Roux Park under the stewardship of Ward 6 councillor Esme van der Westhuizen. As part of its promise to expedite the security of tenure, the department has handed over 27,000 title deeds throughout the Western Cape since 2019.
In his keynote address, Minister Simmers said, “This handover is an indication of the Western Cape Government’s commitment to accelerating the security of tenure, and this devolution of rental stock is one such initiative. The transfer of these title deeds further strengthens our partnership with the local government. It emancipates you in ensuring that the residents become outright owners of the houses in which they live.”

    Last modified: November 6, 2023