Gateway to the Breede Valley


June 20, 2024

It is the rainy season again, and BVM would like to inform residents that the water colour will be affected once again. A slight yellow or brown discoloration may be experienced. The discoloration is due to tannins from the Fynbos vegetation on the mountain slopes of the catchment area, which causes the well-known brown waters of the Western Cape. Even though the water has a slight tint, it is safe for consumption.
BVM Water (General):
Worcester’s water sources are Stettynskloof Dam and Fairy Glen Dam, which are situated in the surrounding mountains and have indigenous fynbos vegetation. The water is pristine but slightly acidic due to humic acids from the fynbos. The water is only stabilised with lime for corrosion protection and disinfected with chlorine gas to ensure safe drinking water for consumers. The runoff from the mountains is brown or yellow and comes from tannins leached naturally from the indigenous fynbos vegetation. After rain, the runoff into the dams will wash soil and plant material into the dams. The plant material will leach tannins into the water (like tea leaves), staining water with a yellowish-brown colour. It will take a few weeks for the suspended solids to settle on the bottom of the dam, and during this period, consumers will experience discoloration of the tap water. The potable water in the BVM area is extremely high quality and safe to drink, even if it is a little brown or yellow. Consumers can rest assured that the potable water gets tested daily to ensure safe drinking water.
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    Last modified: June 20, 2024