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Ward 11 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 11 Challenges
  1. Crime
  2. Youth Unemployment
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Delipidated Buildings
  5. Gangsterism


Ward 11 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriorities DescriptionDepartment
1Upgrading of indoor sport centre with air-conditioning and expansion of gym and gym equipment.Community Services
2Safeguarding and re-development of Buitekant, Gordon, Sohgne and Grey Streets.Community Services/Technical Services
3Act against illegal trade of liquor, drugs and the eviction of drug dealers from rental unitsCommunity Services
4Regular cleaning and development of open spacesCommunity Services/Technical Services
5Job creation and tenders for cleaning projectsStrategic Support Services/ Technical Services
6Ombudsman for Municipality to handle complaints from the publicOffice of the Municipal Manager
7Maintaining of fire hydrants in Ward 11Community Services
8Cleaning of storm water ditches on a regular basis as well as open spaces in ward Technical Services
9Speed humps: Grey street (opposite Khan Flats), Yssel Street,
Parker Street (between Mylne Street & Leipoldt Avenue)
Community Services
10Safeguarding of green mini power station and high mast light in OVD & Leipoldt AvenueTechnical Services