Gateway to the Breede Valley


  • David McThomas

    Municipal Manager

    The Municipal Manager is the head of administration in the municipality and is responsible for the formation and development of an economical, effective, efficient and accountable administration,

    • Rod Ontong

      Director: Finance

      The directorate’s primary role is to ensure sufficient and effective management of municipal funds and to ensure financial sustainability. The municipal budget is important and needs to be well monitored.

      • Jaco Steyn

        Director: Engineering Services

        The directorate is responsible for the provision of bulk infrastructure and the safe and efficient distribution of electricity.

        • Raymond Esau

          Director: Strategic Support Services

          Provides strategic support for municipal planning and local development. Involved in HR, Communications, Legal services, ICT, Council Admin, Local Economic Development.

          • Raymond Esau (Acting)

            Director: Community Services

            The Directorate is to provide community services and recreational infrastructure to the communities within BVM in order to promote the wellbeing of the members of the communities.

            • Jean Joubert de Villiers

              Director: Planning, Development and Integrated Services

              This directorate provides strategic leadership and management of Solid Waste and Area Cleaning, Parks and Open Spaces, Roads and Storm Water, Building Maintenance, Municipal Planning and Building Control, and Water Services.