Gateway to the Breede Valley

Ward 14 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 14 Challenges
  1. Crime
  2. Youth Unemployment
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Delipidated Buildings
  5. Gangsterism


Ward 14 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriority DescriptionDepartment
1Fencing of electricity boxes in Riverview flats (K & L block and S & T block)Technical Services
2Solid speed humps (Davids-, Truter- & Pieterse street)Community Services
3Upgrading of streetlights in Ward 14 (Victoria park and Riverview flats) and setting of timer for lights to be switched off later since it is dark during winter months.Technical Services
4Proper maintenance plan for rental units (flats) that includes maintenance and comfort for the disabled in rental units, review of rental contract and the R3 million budget for upgrading and maintenance of rental stock must be split between the wards.Community Services
5Budget to celebrate commemorative days such as youth days, Women’s days and government projects.Community Services
6Demolish all illegal shacks/structures and ensure that legal tenants move into municipal rental units, and prevent the misuse of rental units by gang leaders and drug peddlers.Community Services
7Regular cleaning of ward 14 and investigate alternative measures for rubbish removal – Safeguard fencing of rubbish bins.Technical Services
8Play park for Riverview flats area, an open-air gym and regular maintenance of current park (Victoria park).Technical Services
9Budget for funding to support feeding scheme and vegetable gardens and assist with water and equipment.Community Services
10Fencing of Riverview flats.Technical Services
11Social infrastructure development plan for Riverview flats.Community Services
12Budget for 50th Birthday celebrations for Riverview flats.Community Services