Gateway to the Breede Valley

Ward 2 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 2 Challenges
  1. Crime
  2. Drug and Alcohol abuse
  4. Primary School and Educare Centre
  5. Dirty Environment


Ward 2 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriority DescriptionDepartment
1Housing in Stofland & Transhex in WorcesterCommunity Services
2Electrical boxes in StoflandTechnical Services
3Speedhumps in Stofland (addresses to be confirmed)Community Services
4Upgrading of roads in StoflandTechnical Services
5MPC in StoflandCommunity Services
6Swimming Pool in Ward 2Community Services
7Fencing of graveyards in De DoornsTechnical Services
8Bus Route in StoflandCommunity Services
9Robot at Corner of Wilger Street & N1 Community Services
10Upgrading of Train Station in De Doorns townCommunity Services/Transnet
11Satellite police stationCommunity Services/SAPS
12Day & Night ClinicCommunity Services/DOH
13Fully functional fire station for Ward 2 with appointees coming from Ward 2Community Services
14Drain Covers in Ward 2Technical Services
15Electricity for informal structuresTechnical Services
16Maintenance of high-mast lightTechnical Services
17Sustainable job opportunities for residents in Ward 2Strategic Support Services