Gateway to the Breede Valley

Ward 7 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 7 Challenges
  1. Community safety 
  2. Rodent plague
  3. Noise pollutions


Ward 7 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriority DescriptionDepartment
1Request development proposals for the "Ou Burgersparkkaravaanpark", as well as the disposal of Erf 13953 and 13954Technical Services/Strategic & Support Services
2Slipway at the De la Bat- and Rouxway intersection (towards town)Technical Services
3Slipway from High- to Sering Street (by De la Rosa-trailers towards Roux Park)Technical Services
4Traffic light (and slipway) at the High- and Louis Lange intersection (from the direction of the Industrial Area)Technical Services
5Request development proposals for the old railway reserve located between SAD and RoostuinStrategic & Support Services
6Earmarking the Murray Street Plain (at the High- and Robertson Road intersection) to be laesed as a sportfieldStrategic & Support Services
7Fencing of graveyard in Kerkhof StreetTechnical Services
8Resealing of roads:
• Aster Street (Fairy Glen)
• Chanelle Street (Roostuin)
• Leipoldt Avenue (Roodewal)
Technical Services
9Transfer municipal rental units, located in De Wet Street, to ownersCommunity Services
10Completion of ‘pipe-cracking’ in:
• De la Bat road (ranging from Oude Meule until the De la Bat swimming pool)
• Hans de Lange Crescent and Louis Trichardt Street, Meiringspark
Technical Services
11Request development proposals pertaining to Erf 19938 in Heyns Street, between the AGS Church and municipal workshopTechnical Services/Strategic & Support Services
12Investigate the possibility of transferring ownership of Erf 148 (opposite De Jagers) from Western Cape Department of Public Works to BVMTechnical Services/Strategic & Support Services
13Disposal of Erf 3904's "Pypsteel"Technical Services/Strategic & Support Services
14Street-name signage boards for Roux Park and PaglandeCommunity Services
15Compilation of engineering plan for the construction of a "skuins inham-parkering" at Worcester-East Primary School in Sutherland Street (Parents are willing to pay the implementation cost)Technical Services
16Investigate traffic- and speed calming mechanisms in:
• Durban Street (erection of stop street at Durban- and Meiring Street intersection)
• Harris Street (erection of stop street at Harris- and Riley Street intersection)
Community Services
17Plant trees in De la Bat RoadTechnical Services
18Beautification of Park at Hans de Lange with river stone and aloes in the middleTechnical Services
19Erection of spotlight in the Park at “Wit-Elsweg”Technical Services