Gateway to the Breede Valley


The small town known as Rawsonville

This largely undiscovered farming village boasts 17 wine and brandy cellars within ten kilometers. Only 3% of residents form part of the Rawsonville community.

The Breedekloof Wine Valley, which includes the town of Rawsonville and the areas of Slanghoek, Goudini & Breërivier, is situated merely 90km from Cape Town, and its spectacular scenery transports you instantly to a world where you can be truly in touch with nature. Majestic mountains, vineyards, and sparkling rivers create the perfect environment for mountain bikers, runners, hikers, birders, and fly-fishermen.  It is the perfect place to explore nature along trails that take you through some of the Cape’s most beautiful fynbos and spectacular views. And of course, there is also time to experience the serenity of the valley, to relax, do nothing, unwind and rediscover yourself.

The valley is home to 17 wineries, from boutique estates to larger producer-driven wineries.  The 42 accommodation establishments are surrounded by vineyards, situated in the mountains surrounded by fynbos, or along the river banks.  There are guesthouses, B&B’s, self-catering cottages, farmhouses, camping, and glamping options to choose from.

Warm and welcoming hospitality is the hallmark of all the people in the valley. Whether you stay at a campsite, guesthouse, or in self-catering cottages, you will love the friendly folk who ensure your unforgettable stay.

There are three pillars to the Breedekloof Wine Equity. These pillars define the unique proposition that is Rawsonville and the Breedekloof Wine Valley:

1.Our natural environment

There are many aspects of Breedekloof – its mountains, rivers, biodiversity, geography, and geology – that all contribute to the unique winemaking potential. The key to this is a late bud break and long hanging time.

2. Family-owned, family values

Over 95% of Breedekloof is farmed by families, most of whom have been on the farms for generations. They are people who care about the land, the environment, and the people who work the land. They are big-hearted friendly folk.

3. Wine focused

The Breedekloof is focused on wine, there is very little other agriculture. It is a profitable wine-growing region, re-investing in vineyards and technology.

The Breedekloof is also conservation conscious.  We are home to the 1st conservancy in the Western Cape wine region, our members are part of the Biodiversity Wine Initiative, and we fall within the Cape Winelands Biosphere.  We are also home to one of the WWF Conservation Champions, ensuring the future of our land and heritage.  We have several alien clearing projects, ensuring we conserve our water resources.  Together with these projects we also have a greening project, where we grow indigenous trees to replace the alien vegetation removed on the farms.


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