Gateway to the Breede Valley

Ward 13 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 13 Challenges
  1. Crime
  2. Youth Unemployment
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Delipidated Buildings
  5. Gangsterism


Ward 13 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriority DescriptionDepartment
1Building of toilets in houses at RiverviewCommunity Services
2Paving of the sidewalk at Eden SchoolTechnical Services
3Building a 1.5-meter-high wall in Jason Street to prevent illegal dumpingTechnical Services
4Beautification of Elizabeth Street and smart fencing of Riverside Golf ClubTechnical Services
5Cleaning of field in Duncan Road as it is a breeding place for snakes & rodents. Modification of stormwater drainage at Duncan Road as it poses a safety threat to the Community. (Drug addicts sleep there)Technical Services
6Solid Speedhumps in Amandel, Buitenkant, Jasson and Brook Streets & a 3 point stop at Mogammat Way/ Duncan RoadCommunity Services
7Resealing of Roads: Part of Gasnat Street & Felicity StreetTechnical Services
8Selling of erven in Johnsons ParkStrategic Support Services
9Upgrade of sidewalk with railing at Aan De Doorns Road (Rooipad).Technical Services