Gateway to the Breede Valley

Ward 6 IDP Priorities

Current challenges in the Ward

Ward 6 Challenges
  1. Crime 
  2. Youth Unemployment
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Dirty playgrounds
  5. Gangsterism
  6. Alcohol abuse


Ward 6 Priorities

This is an updated list of the wards priorities:
OrderPriority DescriptionDepartment
1Transfer houses for ownership to tenantsCommunity Services
2Fencing of sub-station in Kuhn StreetTechnical Services
3Storm water pipes to be installed in ditch in Keyter Street and Henry Gird Street on the park side and covered with ground and grass and levelled. Technical Services
4Spray lights for parks in Jansen, Palm Avenue, Van Der Merwe Street and Sangster StreetTechnical Services
5Possible leasing of land adjacent to Golf Club (Corner of N1 and Roux Road) – Request for the regular cleaning/maintenance of reeds (North and South of N1)Strategic Support Services/Technical Services
6Regular maintenance of open space at Kolie Nelson Street – Request for the planting of grass and the implementation of an irrigation systemTechnical Services
7Playpark at Jansen street across Dromedaris Cafe, Tuindorp, fencing of playpark at Keyter Street, Hospital Heuwel.Technical Services
8Speed humps – Cnr of Eich Street and Eduard Philcox Street, Cnr of Bain and Heyns Street, Van Riebeeck park - Cnr of Culemborg street and Quellerie Street , Rouxweg (between hill and robot road next to the Gholfklub Course)Community Services
9Filling up/ fencing of water mark at Fairy Glen Villas, BergsigTechnical Services